Monday, 19 July 2010

Tebalina Jewellery

Tabelina is a young London based jewellery designer who is inspired and influenced by everyday objects such as cameras, spoons, feathers and keys and in turn creates cool and quirky necklaces at very affordable prices! Daisy it somehow reminds me of all the t's your currently working on!

Emma x

Friday, 16 July 2010

again with the rounded edge photos, also liked the fact they got thing s in the background that could link to different areas we do, like picture frames, cushions etc- it would be cool if we could get a photo with all that stuff in it and people could click on the frame/ girl etc and go to the area they want wither homeware/ accessories/ clothes / prints etc. Kind of links into the picture gallery idea Daise and I talked about. It was after we had wine so not sure you remember....!

Ok these are mainly layout ideas, i think the french boulangerie store front would be quite cute, if we did a pretend store front image on the website, just a thought. Also really like the use of printed fabric for the hair clasps and bunting, i think it would be a good way to use Daisy/ Emma designed fabric across lots of different areas which will help link the different products.
don't worry about the brides, (I'm not eloping!! I just liked the rounded edge vintage photo look they had ( and loved the scalloped edge skirt of the bottom dress)
Wow wow wow ( to paraphrase Kylie!) I think this looks fantastic, really like the idea of going off to a wood to shoot our stuff and really make the layout look a bit magical, v. Florence and the Machine!

Love this image! My mate shot it for a magazine. Really like the simplicity of the silhouette, I like how clean the rest looks, just a thought for the website, plus I like the nude background colour. Ooh not sure why my writing has all been underlined here. Oh dear not sure about how to blog.....

I doubt we would sell any as dramatic as this, but |I think these picture are beautiful, I really love the butterflies, lots of fascinator ideas on this I think! I quite like the idea of us all doing something like Enchantment as a linking theme, as that can be quite dark/ quirky as well as pretty pretty airy fairy so would allow us to do a lot with it.
ooh want, need, have to have. This makes me think of the little cannonballs that Wile.E. Coyote throws around in roadrunner. I like the idea of doing little going out bags as well as totes. Easy to put hardware on /link with the jewellery as coin purses.

love this! Can't remember who the designer is, i have a few pics for this, i like that it looks a little hardware and still on the found objects slant but not too heavy. Also, this cape is a bit random, but i was thinking we could do some little capes/ bed jackets, really easy patterns to cut and make but look fab!

random thoughts...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Flower Power!

Knitted plant pot covers... a little random I know! I have to admit I can't remember where I found this pic but how cute! I especially love the stripe!

Emma x

Otto Retro

Daisy, this is the store I was telling you about that sources things from carboots, recycling centers, charity shops, you name....its really cool and fabulously retro! Next time were in Exeter we must go and visit!

Emma x

Princess shoes!

After all every great fairy tale starts with a beautiful pair of shoes! These Miu Miu for Lola heels are currently stocked exclusively at Harvey Nichols £420 and just look how preeeety they are! They make my inner princess very, very happy!

Emma x

Oooh I do like a bit of cake!!!

My friend Sophy made this cake and I just had to share a pic with you ladies...unfortunately I was not there to sample this fine specimen but I think next time we meet up some tea and cake is in order!

Emma x

Prints please!

Daisy this one is for you! Ostwald Helgason work mixes florals with graphic lines and shapes and work it into simple but very chic tailoring...check it out!

Emma x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Afternoon Tea...

Alice finds on Etsy... we could easily make something along the similar vain with clashing plates, bowls and mugs!

Emma x

Phillip Lim

What more could a girl want? I LOVE Phillip Lim...I think I may attempt to make a necklace inspired by some of his work to wear with my Phillip Lim dress (above!).

Emma x

Michael van der Ham

Every season without fail there is one designer or even one catwalk look that I suddenly find myself wishing I had designed! Designer Envy has struck this season having seen Michael van der Ham most recent collection. A new designer, he graduated from Central St Martins his collection was quickly snapped up by Liberties after showing at Fashion East. I love his mix of vintage prints and different fabrics to create almost collage like clothes!

Images from,,,

Emma x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

i like birds website
This girl has some simple but effective ideas for accessories. loving the knots and the vintage jigsaw bird broaches and the scrabble rings. it is all the rage atm to be recycling things in unusual ways. if we can be more creative than this but somehow making un-copyable then we are onto a winner!

Sunday, 4 July 2010


colours mixed with white. Also i love the fabric chandelier!! i put the bottom image on as i like the Mark Rothko/Simple strip painting in the background, simple art, beautiful colours could be a winner as we would sell them as originals, but still at an affordable price!!

mary portas giving shop

i like the way the clothes are organised in colours together, we could do this with all our stock. and the chalk board back ground is quite a quirky sweet way of communicating to the customers when we get a pop up shop/stall.
daisy x

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Lollipop Shoppe

I discovered this store when I was in Brighton the other week. I had seen it before but never popped in! I think it would have been safer had I not! I want everything in here! The Ceramic design is by Marimekko and the Eames chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames.


Lush Designs

I stumbled across this gorgeous little shop in Greenwich market on New Years Eve and ended up speaking to one of the owners who does a lot of the illustration, her works really lovely! The shop was filled with all their own product which was fab. They stock everything from cushion covers to cool prints, cards to cups! ...I think they have a studio at cockpit arts!



Charlotte as a fellow chunky jewellery lover you may well love Marion Vidals work …check it out! I wish I bought one of her necklaces when I saw it a couple of years! I love them!


Thursday, 1 July 2010

A brief brainstorm

sorry this post is a bit long listed, but it is related to the Mary Portas thing, and the life style shop idea.

Where we can source stuff to up-cyle our selves, re-vamping, customise, combine with our new products…

Recycling centre
Auctions/ house centre
Free Cycle
Charity shops
Free adds – newsagents, pinboards, shops etc
Textile recycling centre
Clothing banks
Junk shops/ Junk yards
Rag shops (Buy clothing by weight)
Angels sample sales

Rough Prices Products
CASH COW – low value
CORE – medium/high value
USP – high value

Things we can sell
Framed print
Cards, wrapping paper
Customised frames
Fascinators/ accessories

We need to collect images for our inital…
Customer board
Product Board

Focus Group
We need to have a Focus Group with out target audience.
Yummy mummys,
What we would need to find out…
Names they like
Our ethos
Where they shop
What would make thier life easier?
Price point
What they do in there spare time
What their names are even, husbands names. (Jenny, Fiona, Phill, Peter etc)

- Daisy n Em

Mary Portas – 28th June 2010

This episode was especially inspiring!!!...
I love love love Mary Portas - Mary Queen of shops, and thanks BBC for BBC iplayer, we love you too.

Mary Portas – 28th June 2010

Notes from the show…

Abigail Ahern – Interior Designer. Imaginative style.

Quirky and distinct but commercial and in demand.

Mish Mash of style.

Vintage mixed with modern. ‘Odd Ball’

It’s not one particular style but it is held together with this tongue in cheek twist on revamping bits of old junk into making them super sexy.

But fundamentally it is eclectic.

Elle Decoration

Calm, comforting – blues, greens, turquoise.

Wood is key, underling ecological theme.

Dip dye cushion, something you could do but just would never have the time. – hints of nostalgia.

Old and New – Heritage and heirloom items, it is about balancing the fashionable and the forever.

Nostalgia trend.

Old finds mixed with new – Juxtaposition them – it is something new/ something different.


As well as Nostagia some retailers upcycle – this is reworking some of these old and new finds, a lick of paint here or there, deciding to leave some bits as is, but with a beautiful yellow vase on it.

The accessible prices, something different from the highstreet but not madly different designer price tags. Something different from Habitat, Heals etc.

Ardingly the antiques fair in West Sussex. Martin Hanas

love Daisy